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One Plain / One Everything / Plain Cream Cheese

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Boston Area

Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton

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Boston Area

Bagelsaurus is located in Cambridge, right on Mass Ave near Porter Square. The line for this bagel shop typically spills well down the block on weekends, and it’s clear why. These bagels are on the smaller and lighter side, but the crisp outside and chewy interior of the plain bagel deliver big texture. The everything bagel retains this crust structure nicely, and accommodates a well-apportioned layer of seasoning. Cream cheese is generously spread and embodies a nice balance of fluff and cream. An overall great bagel. Score: 9.1

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Rosenfeld Bagel Co

Boston Area

Rosenfeld Bagel Co serves up a thick NY-style bagel just outside the city in Newton, MA. It’s some of the best New York style you’ll find in greater Boston. Step through the door into a cozy space with overflowing bagel bins front and center. The plain bagel is New York thick and doughy, and the crust has a middling chew. The everything bagel seems to have a slightly stronger exterior crisp, but toppings are applied fairly sparsely to the upper and lower halves. Cream cheese is of the classic style, laid on thick and dense. This is closer to a New York bagel than most you’ll find in Boston, and its great atmosphere is accompanied by a solid bite. Score: 7.2

DC Area

DC, Alexandria, Fairfax, Bethesda

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